New Morgan Cars – the ultimate sports car

Buying a new Morgan has never been easier – with just months to wait rather than years, the best product range ever, excellent part exchange against your used Morgan or car, sensible finance options and demonstrators including the Morgan Roadster, all on offer at BerryBrook Morgan in Exeter, Devon.

For more information or to book a test drive, speak to Neville or Sean on 01392 833301

The pleasure of specifying your new Morgan and waiting whilst it is hand-built is all part of the anticipation of Morgan ownership. The options that you can choose from are truly awe inspiring – Morgan can match any paint colour that you like from 54,000 colours, there are hundreds of interior options to elect – from the colour of the leather seats to types and colours of carpet, dials and a plethora of accessories.

You can make all your selections for colours, interior options, accessories, wheels and optional extras here with our sales adviser to assist you. We can arrange visits to the Morgan factory in the Midlands for you to see your car being made and even organise a photographic record of the build process signed by the craftsman responsible for your new Morgan sports car.

To place your order, or for further information, please contact us today!

Morgan Three Wheeler

Price: £44,895.00
Stock Number: B512
Reg: NEW
Colour: Dark Grey
Engine: S & S 2.0L V-Twin

Morgan Plus 4

Price: £49,995.00
Stock Number: B514
Reg: NEW
Colour: Porsche GT Silver
Engine: 2.0L

Morgan Plus 4 2.0L

Price: £49,995.00
Stock Number: B505
Reg: New
Colour: Sports Green
Engine: 2.0

Morgan Three Wheeler

Price: £43,595.00
Stock Number: B513
Reg: New
Colour: Pastel Green
Engine: S & S 2.0L V-Twin


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