Morgan Motor Cars

With this section we’ve brought together information on the Morgan car range from the last 15 years or so. These cars represent the majority of Morgan sports cars that we see in our showroom.

All Morgan Cars produced today are really built to last. The chassis’s are galvanised, the ash frame is pressure treated and Cuprinol dipped, the body is all aluminium and the ‘bright work’ is stainless steel. The engines are tried and tested and are of the latest technology. There are now 35,000 choices of paint available, and Morgan state that if a paint code is supplied they will put it on the car! There is also a vast range of leather upholstery to compliment the body colour.

The Morgan 4/4

This Morgan is the traditional sports soft top model available with two or four seats and is the entry level of the range. Earlier models were powered by the Ford 1600cc Kent Cross flow engine with a 4 speed transmission, but this engine was superseded with the Ford 1600cc CVH engine with a 5 speed transmission.

The body panels fitted came as mild steel as standard or aluminium as an extra cost option, all mounted on a traditionally hand crafted ash frame. The latest model is powered by the Ford 1800cc Zetec engine, again with a 5 speed transmission. The chassis is of galvanised steel (Zinc coated) and the ash frame is treated using Cuprinol. The body panels are entirely of aluminium and the majority of the body fittings are stainless steel. This model is also available in a 2 seat lowline, this being a wider car than the standard 4/4. The interior of the car is the standard size but the body form is increased to accommodate low profile wider wheels and tyres.

View the new Morgan 4/4 Sport

The Morgan Plus 4

The construction and assembly technique was the same as the Morgan 4/4 sports car.

This model was a mid-range Morgan sports car being powered by the Rover 2000cc twin cam T16 or M16 engine. The car itself is wider than the entry level model and has an increased cockpit size. It runs on low profile tyres with 15″ wheels.

A new Morgan Plus 4 model powered by a 2000cc Ford engine was due for production in October 2004 for delivery in early 2005

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Morgan Plus 8

This was the “flagship” model of the range. It was in production for 35 years and has only recently ceased as a model option. It is powered by the Buick based Rover V8 engine.

Three engine sizes are available, the earliest being 3500cc normally aspirated, and 3900cc and 4600cc, which are both fuel injected versions. This was the top end of the range of traditional Morgan sports cars, but has now been superseded by the Roadster.

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The New Morgan Roadster

This is the latest introduction to the Morgan range and replaces the Morgan Plus 8. It is built on a galvanised Morgan Plus 8 chassis and is powered by the ford ST220 engine. Ford stipulates that the engine produces 220 bhp, but Morgan have modified the exhaust system and have upgraded the output to 223 bhp.

There are also some cosmetic changes to the car, having reversed bonnet side louvers, off set wire wheels (the spokes are inward to the car offering a wider wheel rim), and the headlight pods are slightly lifted on to the fender to allow more air to cool the engine. It is a very smooth drive but retains the impressive power and performance associated with the Morgan Plus 8.

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